Angry_elephant_ears (1)The site is being developed and resourced collaboratively and will be added to on a regular basis. It hopes to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of all those who read it and so, please do get in touch and offer an entry on a topic, thinker, or concept that you think should be included.


Historically, as well as contemporaneously, theoretical canons have generally been made and remade by centring European intellectuals and by marginalizing the work of scholars from elsewhere. Global Social Theory provides a space to work against such racialized erasures by amplifying the voices and perspectives of those from across the globe. We ask contributors to offer entries on intellectuals, thinkers, scholars, activists, and perspectives which are often missing from mainstream teaching and research in academia.


If you have suggestions for who or what needs to be added, please get in touch with one of the editors or contact us here.





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