There is a lot of talk about ‘decolonising the university’ at the moment. One part of this is thinking about the ways in which we teach, how we design our modules and courses, and who is on our reading lists. HERE you will find a range of examples of module outlines and reading lists that have been shared by generous scholars from a range of countries and disciplines. Please use these reading lists to guide your own reading, or for inspiration in our own module/programme design. The reading lists are organised by discipline but there are clearly many overlaps so we would encourage you to explore beyond your discipline!


If you are interested in sharing your own reading lists and other teaching resources please do get in touch! Email


Translation tip: Many of the examples below come from the UK. In the UK a ‘programme’ or ‘course’ is the entirety of the degree that students are studying. A ‘module’ is one unit within that. Students usually study around 6 modules per year. There are usually 3 years at undergraduate level.


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