Greece Crisis

19347118886_ff608f54c6_bThis post highlights recent articles that seek to understand the Greek debt crisis in global perspective. If you have suggestions for additional articles that should be listed here, please contact us



Short Articles


Jamie Martin ‘The Colonial Origins of the Greek BailoutCIGH Exeter 27 July 2015


Joseph E. Stiglitz ‘Greece, the Sacrificial Lamb‘ New York Times 25 July, 2015


Sadia Abbas ‘Neoliberal moralism and the fiction of Europe: a postcolonial perspectiveOpen Democracy 16 July 2015


Chris Arnade ‘Blame the banks, not Greece, for the debt crisis‘ The Atlantic 16 July 2015


Balakrishnan Rajagopal ‘Greece: Welcome to the Third World and Here Are Some Lessons’ 13 July 2015


Francio Guadeloupe & others ‘Why Greece should matter to us on St. Maarten‘ 13 July 2015


Koenraad Bogaert ‘Breaking the Myths of Power: The Struggles of the Haitians, Algerians and Greeks‘ 9 July 2015


Africa is a Country ‘What can Africa learn from the Greek crisis?‘ 9 July, 2015


Luc Boltanski & Arnaud Esquerre ‘Référendum en Grèce: trouble dans la démocratie‘ Le Monde 2 July 2015


Vijay Prashad ‘What if Greece were in the ‘Third World’?‘ 1 July, 2015


Kojo Koram and Kojo BarbahGreece and the Underdevelopment of Europe


Panayota Gounari ‘Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: The Case of Greece‘  Truthout 21 March 2014


Longer Articles 

Riad Azar ‘Neoliberalism, Austerity, and Authoritarianism‘ Summer 2015 


Heiko Körner ‘The Franc Zone of West and Central Africa: A Satellite System of European Monetary Union‘ 2002 (an older article, but prescient)




Interview with Yanis Varoufakis 13 July 2015


Vijay Prashad ‘Debt: Greece and the Global South‘ 9 July 2015


Thanks to Jim Conley, Uli Hoeneß, Robbie Shilliam, John Narayan, Maia Pal, Dilip Menon 

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